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Videos…Patterns, Constraints and Reports

March 7, 2012

In an earlier post I introduced the SOAD Model Accelerator and the associated eBook. We’ve continued to create supporting material for the Model Accelerator including a set of videos that we’ve recently posted, including:

Model Report Demo: This video covers three reports that are provided in the Model Accelerator: Goal-Service Model, Service Litmus Test, and Pattern Instances. These reports leverage the information captured in UML models – information captured via the use of automated patterns (and some manual modeling). Highlighting the value of capturing design in models rather than in just a picture (how do you report on elements in a picture?)

Business Modeling Patterns: This video looks at how we can apply a set of UML Patterns focused on Business Modeling along with some of the associated model constraints. The Model Accelerator provides 15 patterns supporting SOAD efforts, spanning Business Modeling, Service Identification and Service Specification. Future videos will show the patterns from Service Identification and Specification.

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