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Links: Agile Modeling and PBE at AppFusions with Atlassian

November 10, 2011

A short post today containing a couple of links…

First, I’ve been working on a new course: Essentials of Agile Modeling. We’re starting online deliveries of the course starting in December. Open enrollment and private onsite deliveries will also be available. Agile Modeling is a great companion to our PBE efforts. We model what’s needed for understanding and communication – while keeping things as simple as possible. PBE can assist in helping to keep things simple for the modeler – encapsulating details, reducing the amount of details that need to be modeled, and providing a vocabulary that incorporates best practices.

The second link is to a blog posting that I helped to write over at AppFusions. The post is titled “Patterns, Maven, SDK, AUI, and Atlassian…Awesome“. Within the PBE book the examples tend to highlight the pattern capabilities of the IBM Rational platform. However, as we call out in the book – the PBE ideas, practices, guidelines and patterns are applicable to a wide range of tools. So this is a nice post in that it highlights work being done in creating pattern implementations for extending the Atlassian toolset. In addition – the tool used for the pattern implementation is Maven. Great stuff – and exciting to see PBE continue to gain momentum!

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