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PBE Consulting, Coaching & Training at The Emphasys Group

July 27, 2011

After a little more than 11 years with IBM, I’ve made a move to a new organization – The Emphasys Group. At The Emphasys Group, my focus will be on helping our customers to drive Velocity through the application of Automation, Reuse and Agility.

We’ll be helping our customers to use Bots in realizing this vision. A bot, simply put, is an automated agent that acts on behalf of a user. We’ll be creating bots using a number of mechanisms – the more prominent ones include Patterns, DSLs, and Wizards.

We’re starting our efforts with a focus on service delivery – consulting, coaching and training. We have a great leadership team in place and have big plans for our future.

If you’re needing assistance in learning more about PBE, or need some help putting PBE into practice – give us a call, we’d be happy to help! We’d also be happy to talk about the bigger picture of driving Velocity through Automation, Reuse and Agility.



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