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PBE Case Study artifacts available for Download

June 28, 2010

Today we’ve posted a set of artifacts related to the book’s case study. In the case study, a fictional organization creates a pattern implementation to automate a pattern known as the Subsystem Façade.

The image below shows that the Subsystem Façade pattern is about hiding entities behind a session façade and using JPA managers to manage the interactions between the entities and the database(s). For more details on the pattern see Appendix E in the book.

Although the main focus of the pattern implementation is automating the application of the Subsystem Façade pattern, it also encapsulates a number of smaller patterns as shown in the image below.

The goal with the pattern implementation is to automate and simplify the application of a pattern (in this case a compound pattern). In the case of our fictional organization this has allowed them to improve productivity, improve quality and ensure consistent application of the pattern across their globally distributed development effort.

The two files of interest are CaseStudy-Readme.pdf and Both files are available from the Downloads widget on the right-hand column.

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