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The PBE Practice

June 23, 2010

The PBE Practice, available for download via the widget on the side of this page – provides details on the roles, tasks, workflows, and deliverables that come together when following PBE on a project. The content has been authored using the Eclipse Process Framework Composer (EPFC) – a specialized tool that focuses on the authoring and publishing of process content. EPFC is an Eclipse project and as such is free to acquire and use and is also open source.

An important aspect of working with EPFC is that it looks to componentize process content.  Instead of looking for a single one-size-fits-all development process, we select those components (called practices in EPFC) that make sense to our organization and context – once we have selected the practices we can customize them, add content specific to our situation, and then publish a configuration for the team to consume. For PBE, we provide a practice – one that focuses only on PBE. This practice is not a full-fledged process but a process component that needs to be combined with existing process practices such as Scrum, XP, OpenUP, and others.

To view the published configuration all that is needed is a standard web browser.  So it is easy to setup and use the published practice – just double-click the index.htm file that serves as the first page of the practice.

To modify the practice you need to have EPFC ( installed and then import the

Note – this practice will also work with Rational Method Composer (RMC). So if you are already using RMC – you can download and use this practice within RMC and along with the other EPFC and RMC practices.

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