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Welcome to Patterns-Based Engineering

Patterns. Patterns are everywhere. There’s thousands of patterns already recognized, documented and made available for reuse. Although patterns provide us with answers – they also lead to many questions. Should we use them? If so, which should we use? How do we find the right ones? How much time should we invest in finding, learning and then applying the pattern? What about new patterns? Are there patterns to be found and used on my project? In my organization? Should we take the time to recognize them, document then and make them available for reuse? What about automation? Is there some way(s) in which I can take these patterns and automate how they are used? How should they be automated?

With Patterns-Based Engineering (PBE) – we discuss these questions and provide you with the tools, best practices and patterns to help you find the answers that are right for your situation. PBE consists of a portfolio of content and tools to help you succeed in using patterns in your project. The porfolio consists of:

  1. The Patterns-Based Engineering book. The book provides comprehensive coverage of a systematic and disciplined approach to using patterns (both as specifications and automated as implementations) to successfully deliver software.
  2. The PBE Practice – a software development practice that details the roles, tasks, work products and associated guidance to help you succeed in using patterns. The practice is free to download and can be viewed with any standard web browser. If you’d like to customize the content you can do so by using Eclipse Process Framework Composer (which is also free).
  3. The PBE Patterns and Guidelines – best practices and advice captured as patterns and guidelines to help you as you look to identify, design, create, package, and use patterns. The PBE Patterns and Guidelines are detailed in the PBE book and are also integrated into the PBE Practice.
  4. A Case Study. The case study discussed in the PBE book brings together the PBE Practice and the PBE Patterns and Guidelines and provides a detailed view of how an organization can leverage PBE in their software delivery efforts. Source code and test artifacts are available for download.
  5. – this website, which provides access to downloads associated with the book (including the PBE Practice and the book’s case study artifacts), a blog with further insights from the book’s authors, pointers to related materials, and enables you to interact with the book’s authors.

Some short blog entries that you should consider as you get started with the book and this site include: